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Mindfulness For The Ultimate Athlete Book (Set of 10)

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Why take your game to the next level when you can achieve the ultimate?

What you'll get:

  • The Mind

Making the connection between your mind and brain to help you overcome limits. Achieve a higher power of focus and positive thinking.

  • The Body

Communicate and connect with your strengths in a way that enables you to optimize your body's performance.

  • The Spirit

What is the Ultimate Athlete's Spirit? Achieve a higher level of spiritual fitness in sports and in life.

  • The Zone

Finding a space of enhanced confidence and focus where your entire self is working as a whole. What is the unique energy that defines your deepest self?

An infinitesimal difference exists between a good athlete and a great one. To reach the ultimate level of performance, an athlete must first achieve a balance between inner peace and external power. In this book, former NFL running back Prince Daniels, Jr. shares the path to unlocking true potential through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. By diligently applying his practices, athletes can overcome all the noise and prior programming that keep them from attaining their highest goals.

Using Daniels’ easy techniques—which bring into line the mind, body and spirit—athletes can reach “the zone,” that place where there is only the present moment and effortless action. When the spirit moves, everything else clicks. In this space of enhanced confidence and focus, an athlete can discover that anything is possible if they truly believe it to be.


What People Are Saying:

“Prince has played an instrumental role in my life with the mindfulness practices I have developed by being his close friend. With this book, I’m happy that many others will be able to explore the value in having a foundation in meditation on the road to becoming the ultimate athlete and the best version of themselves.”

Gerris Wilkinson - Super Bowl Champion New York Giants

“Great insight on how to attain your best self in all aspects. Playing as a NCAA D1 All-American athlete and NFL athlete came from my focus. PJ explains how to expand that focus to your mind, body, and spirit while thriving in “the zone” where our ultimate self lives. Wish I had this while I was still playing.”

Alvin Scioneaux - Former NFL Linebacker, LA Chargers