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An infinitesimal difference exists between a good athlete and a great one. To reach the ultimate level of performance, an athlete must first achieve a balance between inner peace and external power.

In this book, former NFL running back Prince Daniels, Jr. shares the path to unlocking true potential through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. By diligently applying his practices, athletes can overcome all the noise and prior programming that keep them from attaining their highest goals.

Using Daniels’ easy techniques—which bring into line the mind, body and spirit—athletes can reach “the zone,” that place where there is only the present moment and effortless action. When the spirit moves, everything else clicks. In this space of enhanced confidence and focus, an athlete can discover that anything is possible if they truly believe it to be.

Why take your game to the next level when you can achieve the ultimate?

The Body

Communicate and connect with your strengths in a way that enables you to optimize your body's performance.

The Mind

Making the connection between your mind and brain to help you overcome limits.

Achieve a higher power of focus and positive thinking.

The Spirit

What is the Ultimate Athlete's Spirit?

Achieve a higher level of spiritual fitness in sports and in life.

The Zone

Finding a space of enhanced confidence and focus
where your entire self is working as a whole.

What is the unique energy that defines your deepest self?

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Tongela Clark

Entrepreneur, Author

"This life changing book was what I needed in this pandemic.

"The Prince" is a force to be reckoned with; he laid the foundation and gave me the formula to Win Again.

This book helped me hear my body's voice, even though it has always been speaking."

Curtis Modkins

NFL Running Back Coach, Denver Broncos

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mindfulness For The Ultimate Athlete! This book provides valuable insights for any athlete who wants to be their BEST! Everything matters in competitive sports, including our Minds! Most are consumed with the OUTSIDE, this book offers insight as to how athletes can improve from the INSIDE! Very powerful information. I encourage all who truly want to maximize their potential to read this!"

Mario West

Director of the NBPA’s Off The Court Program, Former NBA Shooting Guard, Atlanta Hawks

"This book has allowed me to reconnect with my inner self, the insight and tools are applicable to life now.

This is a Phenomenal book.

So proud of Prince for sharing this gift to the world."

Chris Helwick

2012 US Olympic Trials Decathlete, 2021 Olympic Contender

"As an athlete, this book felt like the compact guide to meditation and visualization I've been looking for. I've had an array of nebulous thoughts on these topics for a long time, but MFUA laid out a framework that helped me make a lot of important connections. I also appreciated the balance of philosophy and highly detailed practical advice.

The philosophical/conceptual elements of MFUA are not easy to pin down, but Daniels explains them with clarity and authority. The entire chapter on Spirit was my favorite. Spirit is by far the most powerful yet allusive force in every person, including athletes. However, the sports world is largely unconcerned with spirituality. I thought Daniels did an exceptional job explaining the universal nature of spirit, it's depth and power in each of our lives, and how it can be cultivated to bring more fulfillment and success to the athletic experience. I finished that chapter feeling more in touch with my own spirit and more ready to integrate it into my own athletic experiences. I didn't mention any of the stories that were told throughout the book, but I really enjoyed reading them. They were a big part of what made the rest of the text seem authoritative."

Michael Cox

Former NFL Fullback, Kansas City Chiefs

"Practical and easy to understand and implement.

My personal takeaway was all the advantages/benefits of meditation and all of the uses. Also using it with my walk as a Christian. Easy to relate, sounds like Prince is talking directly to me, and puts things in a sports related manner that hits home with former athletes.

Loved the parts of Prince's personal story and how it helped him and makes it seem much more realistic.

Love it! Great cover too! ”

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